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Felines Past and Present

I am very proud of the next award from the WEB QUEEN KITTY herself Queen Midnight...she bestows on Pluto this award

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Now it is time to introduce you to the Feline Friends/Familiars that have carried me through much of 40 years of my life.NB I am now 48 years old in the year 2000 and two babies have been added to my the four, Hekat and Lugh. I will be tacking on there information soon. As usual they picked me, they were abandoned. This page is the VERY FIRST WEB PAGE I did. I am not messing with it because it reminds me how far I have come in web design and graphics. I am a bit nostalgic. So bear with the obvious problems.

Please indulge me in this Feline Foto Gallery and history.

This is Zorro. Zorro represents the first in a series of very black cats and familiars. The most I can say about Zorro is that at a very young age I learned how a cat trains a human to open doors and feed the feline. Although the picture is unclear note the cockiness of the ears.

The next black cat and familiar; I promise you I had nothing to do with the naming of this cat, Puff:

Puff was an Angora cat of which I tried to take everywhere with me similar to a baby. She is the feline that taught me not to try harnessing or leashing a CAT--maybe a kitten but not an adult cat. When she passed onto the Summerland/Heavy side Layer I mourned deeply for six months until my boyfriend finally got me another cat.

Jupiter came from the humane society. He originally was not destined for me because I had picked out a healthy looking female. Jup was a scrawny, sickly looking MALE cat. The female was gone and Jup was left--I figured it was fate. It is my belief that Puff reincarnated into Jupiter. Jupiter had a wife for 20 years whose name was Fortune. Fortune and Jupiter had two litters together of which I kept one kitten and his name was Ralph: How did Fortune and Jupiter meet? Well, Jup was already with me and Fortune was a discarded "after semester" cat found downtown that of course, I took in. You see I choose NONE of my cats; THEY all choose me. At 3 weeks of age Little Ralph decided to investigate a rolled up carpet and a Human of over 6 feet tall unintentionally stepped on him. He was pronounced unsurvivable by two vets two different times but my mate and nursed him back to health. He lived to be eleven years old. Not as old as Ma and Pa but close.

Fortune passed over on October 3rd 1990. That night I heard Jupiter give out the most horrendous howl and I knew it would not be long before he joined her. On November 14th 1990 Jupiter met Fortune and Ralph. I did not take the parting of my two best friends of twenty years well at all. I ended up in Recovery from Alcoholism two weeks later. When they died I still had feline friends so I was not alone. I had already inherited a new breed called the CLAW breed.


My friend and I found in his garage a litter of abandoned kittens. The litter was about 2 and half weeks old. There were a total of four but we only managed to retrieve three from the elements. Three were black and one silver feisty tabby.

My friend had been feeding the semi-feral father of this litter for years. This cat's name was Smokey Claw because he was black and he had the largest claws of any cat known.

The first cat we heard and then captured on that June day was Guthrie. Guthrie is named after Woody Guthrie. This cat could be heard for blocks when he was hungry so it was not hard coaxing him in indoors.

The second cat to be found looked half-dead because he barely moved. Later we found that his nature was basically passive and he loved his catnaps. His name is Pluto. He was named after the Planet and the God of the Underworld. He was given such an esteemed name to fall in line with the other cat named after a God, Jupiter. Pluto has since taken on the characteristics that Jupiter had and it is my belief that Jupiter reincarnated into Pluto because of one telltale trait. Jup would wink his left eye back at you when you winked at him--Pluto does the exact same thing. Coincidence? I think not.

Now about that feisty tabby previously mentioned, let me introduce you to Tazmanian the Devil. Taz was the last one to be brought into the indoors and handfed by a syringe. When found my friend and I thought she would be a perfect cat for a mutual friend of ours. But Taz decided to Velcro herself to me and that was it; she was mine. She was at a disadvantage in that household because her brothers would pick on her incessantly. I decided I would whisk her away from this when she became of "heat" age to prevent any incest. She came to my house at about 8 months of age and I believe she added 1 and half years of additional life on my wise felines, Fortune and Jupiter, just because of her rambuctiousness. She was a holy terror. I couldn't keep up with her scaling the drapes and biting electrical cords, etc.,etc.,etc. Her name was originally Tabulators because of her markings but after seeing the cartoon of her namesake it seemed to describe her to a "T" (no pun intended).

These cats all have their claws. Even though I rent I just couldn't declaw the CLAW breed. Besides, I have some serious questions regarding declawing that has not made me say its okay to do yet.

From this new generation of felines came 18 other cats either of Pluto or Guthrie or Smokey Claw descent. The mother was a beautiful tortoise shell cat but very feral. We brought her in from the elements when she was about to deliver her first litter. It was the dead of winter. The father of this litter was Smokey Claw. This was the beginning of the family line that resembles the royalty of the Roman Empire. Very incestuous. My friend who housed and fed this zoo fell ill and so did his felines. He, sadly, passed on to the Summerland with 14 of his feline friends. The remaining four found very healthy and happy homes. Two of them reside with me.

Allow me to introduce you to Quigley.He is about nine years old. He is named after a coworker and because he has a curly Q tail. Quigley spent his first year with us in our basement's ceiling. He'd only venture down when the evil humans were not around and he could sneak his food. He finally came topside and one of the most affectionate felines I have had. He seeks to emulate his hero, Pluto. Thereby taking "Taz terrorizing lessons" from Pluto. Taz and Quigley both being Tabbies seemed to feel competition in some way.


Quigley's half brother (perhaps?) is Dobie. Dobie is the son of Guthrie and the nephew of Pluto. He has Pluto's vampire teeth and Guthrie's lack of grace. When he first came to us he was under the influence of a tranquilizer from the Humane Society. I attempted to comb out the dead fleas but he decided to make hamburger meat out of my hand instead. He lost a tooth and I got a trip to the Emergency Room for an IV drip of antibiotics. Dobie has chosen my husband as his Human. Mainly, because he looks at this man as a two legged food source. This cat is High maintenance though. Unlike normal cats Dobie can not digest his own fur so we have to pill the cat from Hell twice a day. This is one reason why my husband does it instead of me; I really don't want to go to the Emergency room again! [NOTE: DOBIE is in the foreground with the white whiskers and Uncle Pluto is in the background]

The Adopted Ones

This section is devoted to the friends of the above mentioned cats. These are the adopted cats that belonged to someone else who had the fortune to live with me.

The first feline receives THE BOLDEST OF THE BOLD Cat Award. She actually came to me as a deserted cat. I took her in on an October cold day for fear she would starve and found out quickly after she batted and clawed her way into primo positions for both the comfort of the bed and the food; that she could indeed handle herself in the odds. To do this she had to usurp King Jupiter that did not make my family happy. I found another home for her but like a bad penny she came back because that owner was allergic to her. Finally, she met her match in my friend Viv. If ever a human and feline were more suited for each other it was Viv and Athena. Unfortunately, I only have these tiny two pictures of her. Athena May (as I affectionately called her), would teach little Tazmanian the ways of the world and Taz's brother, Pluto, would terrorize Athena and then the dear mediator, Guthrie would try to smooth things over between all three. Yes, it was an apartment full. Athena actually lived with me four different times in her lifetime. She was a CAT in the full sense of the word. (Try as I might to straighten that second picture out, I can't--I must have taken this picture before Recovery.)

The next two cats changed the way I looked at Siamese. In 1992 I met Sammy and Autumn [and my husband]. I heard their meows first before I listened to my husbands voice response to a personal ad I had placed. I remember thinking, ick noisy Siamese. But once I got to know these felines they transformed my attitude of noisy to articulate. Autumn and Sammy were buds for 15 years. Autumn passed before Sammy and I before I was living with my husband. Autumn was a beautiful longhaired and loving cat. Sammy just recently passed but pleasantly she went with her friends, Pluto, Taz, Quigley, and Dobie all around her helping her to the heavy side layer. If you asked me to take Siamese cats now I would have to ask for a guarantee that they would be like Sammy and Autumn. I'm not a fan of breed cats because I don't fancy myself a fancier--but these guys turned my heart to the breed that Yowls! Autumn: Sammy:

This now ends the parade and history of the Felines Past and Present. I thank you for your attention. I am an animal lover of all animals so if you are like me PLEASE visit my page on webrings and causes. People who are cruel to animals should be shot out into space.

This page is dedicated to all those friends who went on ahead to the Summerland/Rainbow Bridge: Zorro, Puff, Jupiter, Fortune, Ralph, Guthrie, Sammy, Autumn and Athena

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